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  • Zipper closure

  • Come out of hibernation this Christmas with the Tipsy Elves men’s Beary Christmas jumpsuit. This adorable set of Christmas pajamas features hundreds of festively adorned bears prowling around your torso.

  • All of our men’s Christmas onesies are made with super soft polar fleece fabric, like the very bears that crawl upon this one. Step in and out with a convenient 2-way zipper. Ready to chill?

  • Tipsy Elves’ cute and cozy Holiday Jumpsuit onesies are perfect for gifting to all of your friends but most importantly, yourself! Whether you’re inside, outside, together or apart, or even stuck in a virtual meeting, whenever you rock your Tipsy Elves gear no one will ever doubt the ferocity of your festive fury.

  • Match together and step your greeting card game this year with Tipsy Elves’ amazing bright and colorful christmas jumpsuit onesies. Match your outfit with the people closest to you, whether it’s in person or socially distant, there’s more than one way to be together this season. Become one with the blanket and take the perfect Christmas Morning family photo in your cozy cute matching holiday onesies!

  • With multiple bright, crazy fun designs, there’s plenty for you and your family to choose from. Tipsy Elves has amazing holiday gear for the entire family, including the dog! Whether you’re stuck with your family by choice or by reasons beyond your own control, at least everyone will look amazing dressed head to toe in Tipsy Elves clothing. Click on our logo at the top to find more!

  • Tipsy Elves' Men's Beary Christmas Jumpsuit - Comfy Cozy Holiday Onesie