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100% Polyester
★★★★★ EXCELLENT FIT – The garment is made with polyester that allows SUFFICIENT FLEXIBILITY and better mobility, while ensuring that the fit is comfortable and snug. Rest assured it isn’t too loose or overly tight. You can swim, surf, or simply lounge around!
★★★★★ NO ADVERSE REACTION – The material is soft and doesn’t chafe Against Your Skin. It protects against rashes caused due to abrasion and sunburns from extended exposure to the sun by expertly Blocking Harsh Sun Rays. You won’t experience any itching, redness, allergies, or other unwanted reactions.
★★★★★ LIGHTWEIGHT – The lightweight mesh design of the t-shirt contributes to its breathability and enhances comfort. IT ALLOWS AIR TO CIRCULATE WITHIN THE GARMENT so you don’t feel stuffy and the quick drying feature prevents the material from sticking to skin. It is incorporated with wicking technology, which helps to keep moisture away from the body. THE FABRIC DRIES FAST, while BLOCKING OUT HARMFUL SUN RAYS so they can’t penetrate the garment.
★★★★★ EASY TO MAINTAIN – You don’t have to pore over pages of instructions before washing the rash guard. All you need to do is pop it in the washing machine, clean in Luke warm water and mild detergent, and air dry. IT TAKES JUST A FEW MINUTES TO DRY COMPLETELY! Moreover, THE COLOR DOESN’T FADE DESPITE REPEATED WASHES.
★★★★★ DURABLE - The rash guard INCLUDES SIX PANEL CONSTRUCTION AND FLATLOCK STITCHING FOR BETTER MOBILITY. The former creates a seam where the seam allowances lies flat to the garment instead of hanging loose from it and enhances robustness of the garment. Even if you like rigorous activities, THE RASH GUARD WON’T RIP, TEAR, OR FRAY.

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